Ufo 22 Cup at Chiemsee from 19.07  to 20.07.2014

The Chiemsee Yacht Club hosted a great regatta-weekend with pleasant hosts, an excellent regatta supervision und an entertaining evening event.
Of the nine participating Ufos 22 from Germany (5), Austria (1) and Italy (3) the Italian Gianni Cabrini and his crew took the lead after the first run. The Austrians Günther Wendl/Johannes Fisch/Klaus Rebhan from the UYC Attersee won the second run. The third and forth races, however, were won by Richard Buchecker/Claudia Düll-Buchecker/Stefan Hammermüller from the hosting Chimesee Yacht Club. This also ensured the overall victory, as they were able to eliminate a third place and to keep a second place as their third result in the overall evaluation. Thereby, the crew was the best among the natives and among the Germans. Günther Wendl and his crew from the UYC Attersee won the second place just ahead of the Italian Gianni Carbini and his crew who won the third place.

Many thanks go to Claudia and Richard. If they allow us, we are happy to return for the next event.

Best regards from the sunny Brilon

GER 118

Klaus Krämer